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PUBLIÉ LE 07/06/2022

ANSM convenes an expert committee to review the state of knowledge on the risks associated with the use of Philips ventilators and CPAP devices

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As part of the global recall of certain Philips ventilators and CPAP devices, we will convene an ad-hoc expert panel on 8 June 2022 to better understand the potential risks associated with the use of these defective devices.
In the course of its work, the Committee will hold hearings with the relevant stakeholders. These hearings will be broadcast live from 8am (UTC+2) on ANSM’s YouTube channel in French and English.
Composed of representatives of associations of users of the health system and experts in General Medicine, Pneumology, Toxicology, medical devices and Epidemiology, the committee's mission is to:
  • conduct a review of the available data on the potential risks of using the Philips devices affected by the recall of 10 June 2021;
  • give an opinion on this data and recommend further studies if necessary.
This committee of experts will announce its opinion in the weeks following this day. This work may lead to a revision of the recommendations we issued in July 2021.
Read the decision to create the committee
Read the decision to appoint the members of the temporary Scientific Committee
As a reminder, on 10 June 2021, we were informed by Philips of its intention to recall certain ventilators and CPAP devices worldwide, following the identification of a possible problem with the sound abatement foam present in these medical devices. These devices are mainly used at home and are intended for patients suffering from sleep apnoea or requiring respiratory assistance.